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Superfast Northern Ireland does not sell phone or broadband services. We support all communication providers in Northern Ireland on a neutral basis. To get superfast broadband you need to order it through your current or preferred provider. Currently there are 27 operators offering fibre broadband services in Northern Ireland.

Superfast broadband is the next generation of broadband, providing a faster and more reliable service. Superfast broadband delivers speeds of up to 330Mbps, compared with traditional, ADSL broadband. Superfast broadband is 'superfast' thanks to fibre-optic cable which is used to deliver the service. The UK Government have recently defined superfast broadband as speeds > 24Mbps.

With FTTP (Fibre to the Premises), the fibre-optic cable runs all the way into the premises, giving very fast speeds of up to 330Mbps.

With FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet), the fibre-optic cable runs as far as the green roadside cabinet, and your copper telephone line is then used to deliver the last leg of the service. Speeds of up to 80Mbps are possible with this service.

With FTTC, your maximum speed will depend very much on the length of your copper telephone line from the cabinet. The vast majority of lines will support a maximum  ‘superfast’ speed of > 24Mbps. You can still upgrade your service if you are further away from the cabinet and get speeds of between 2-24Mbps. Although these are not ‘superfast’ speeds by the new definition, they will provide uplift in speeds for the vast majority of premises.

The term ‘fibre broadband’, is taken to include both superfast speeds of > 24Mbps, and slower speeds that can be delivered over the network of 2-24Mbps.

Good news! There are many homes and businesses in Northern Ireland that can connect to fibre broadband straight away. Use our availability checker to see if that's you. If you fall into this category, then all you need to do is contact your Internet Service Provider to place an order.

Details of all cabinets ready for customer orders can be found here. 

If the availability checker indicates you can avail of Superfast broadband please contact a Broadband Provider of your choice. Please note that not all service providers are currently offering this service – details of those who we are aware are offering service in Northern Ireland can be found  here 

There are some great deals and offers around so it’s worth shopping around and getting the best deal. Individual broadband providers determine the cost to the end user based on various factors including speed bands, service wrap, value added services, term of contract etc.

The areas not addressed by current investment or previously announced Superfast broadband projects are not concentrated in any single area or region but are geographically spread across Northern Ireland. It must be noted that not only has Northern Ireland got a higher penetration of Superfast broadband but we have actually taken this technology deeper and further into our rural areas.

We have got to where we are through considerable investment from BT either directly or in partnership with DETI, DARD and other organisations. These partnerships have allowed BT to make investments and deploy this technology in areas where it otherwise would not make commercial sense for us.  To go beyond what we have announced we will look to form partnerships at government, local and community levels.

BT has consistently stated that it will invest where it makes good commercial sense and allows us to make a return on our investment. However in many areas, particularly in rural and the more remote areas where the cost to deploy is very costly and penetration of lines are very low, BT will need to work in partnership with government and local communities to create a commercial model that will allow us to deploy. To find out more please  Contact Us

Yes. BT’s fibre broadband network is ‘open access’. This means that you, as a customer, have a free choice of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). You can view a list of ISPs currently offering fibre broadband in Northern Ireland at nibroadband.com/get-superfast

Our telephone number checker on this site can be used to find out if you can get Superfast broadband.  Simply enter your telephone number and the checker will tell you what services you can get.

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